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A pool can significantly enhance a home’s value. It can also be an expensive problem if it winds up being leaky or defective. It pays to understand what you’re buying. While some fixes may be minor, other issues can pose larger problems. Rely on an expert to inspect your pool or spa before negotiating the final terms of the sale.

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The Pool Inspection

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A poorly maintained pool can pose a safety risk, especially to young children and non-swimmers. An inspection can identify safety hazards, such as broken or missing pool barriers, faulty pool equipment, or electrical issues.

Structural Issues

An inspection can identify any structural problems with the pool, such as cracks in the pool shell, damaged coping, or leaks in the plumbing. These issues can be costly to repair and affect the property’s overall value, which can negatively affect your client.


A pool inspection can provide valuable information about the pool’s maintenance requirements, including the pool equipment’s condition and the water’s quality. This information can help your client budget for ongoing pool maintenance costs.


Depending on where you live, local or state regulations may govern the installation and maintenance of swimming pools. An inspection can identify non-compliance issues that may need to be addressed before your client can use the pool.

Peace of Mind

A pool inspection can provide peace of mind, knowing the pool is safe and in good condition. It can also help your client avoid unexpected repair costs down the line.